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Previous to graduate school in Iowa City, I printed my first hand set type books in what Mary Barrett called South Hall Press in the unfinished walk out basement of South Hall on the campus of the University of Wisconsin River Falls. I used that title for my press in my own books until I settled on Gravel Pit Press.

Hand Made Books

Hand Made Books from Gravel Pit Press

The Cusp, Cover
The Cusp, Title page
The Cusp, Dedication page
The Cusp, Surrender
The Cusp, Trapped
The Cusp, Poet
The Cusp, Obsession
The Cusp, Wave
The Cusp, Like a River
The Cusp, Dry Bones
The Cusp, Anguish
The Cusp, Still Small Voice
The Cusp, Acceptance
The Cusp, Delight
The Cusp, I Am
The Cusp, Jesus
Landscape Prayer, Thoughts
Landscape Prayer, Hill
Landscape Prayer, Cows
Landscape Prayer, Trinity
Landscape Prayer, Barn
Landscape Prayer, Crossroads
Landscape Prayer, colophon
7th Bridge, cover
7th Bridge, Title Page
7th Bridge, Half Title Page
7th Bridge, Like a Tunnel
7th Bridge, His House
7th Bridge, Potatoes
7th Bridge, 7th Bridge
7th Bridge, colophon
Book, Y Z spread
Book, W X spread
Book, U V spread
Book, S T page
Book, O P page
Book, Title page
Book, Q R page
Book, opened
Book, N page
Book, K page
Book, L M spread
Book, Half title
Book, G H spread
Book, E F spread
Book, A B spread
Book back
Book cover
Book opened
Book, colophon
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