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In recent years, I have worked increasingly at creating paintings with Catholic themes. In this work, I strive to remain faithful to the artistic standards I first received at Atelier Lack so many years ago, and thematically to the teaching Magisterium of the Church.

Plein air painting in oil has engaged my interest and attention ever since the early days of my training. It grounds my work in artistic tradition, and in observation of and the direct response to nature. I try to emphasize my experience of the beauty and variety of nature, which I think I share in common with many, and which recall to me the gift and mystery of life. 


Peter Bougie is an artist classically trained in the Boston School tradition, combining an impressionist eye toward observing the overall color and value effect of a scene (the “note”) and academic drawing. He was the Director of The Bougie Studio in Minneapolis, where he taught drawing and painting, for fifteen years. His group exhibitions include: a Minnesota Landscape show in the Cannon Rotunda of the U. S. House of Representatives; the American Artist’s Professional League in New York City; the West Bank’s Guild of New Orleans; the Oil Painters of America Premier National Exhibition in Chicago; “The Legacy Lives” exhibit at Lever Place in Manhattan; the Newington Cropsey Foundation in New York City and Hillsdale College in Michigan, among others (see professional overview). His work is in many private collections.

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