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Are you new to publishing? Thought you would publish your book yourself, then became numbed by the complexity of the process? I can help. Publishing is just as complicated as it seems. There are many steps that must be taken before a book is printed. If you start out with reliable information ahead of time you will save yourself much time and confusion (and hopefully money!) in the process.


No matter what kind of book you are publishing, design is essential to projecting the content. The first task of design is that it work properly; nearly as essential is its beauty. This is a challenge I relish. Just as no two people are alike, neither are books, yet we’ve come to expect certain characteristics in different genres. Layout and design may look fine on your computer screen and printouts, but files may cause expensive and frustrating problems at the printer.


I have been working with printers for over twenty years and have a reputation for having stable, complete files (please check my references). I have had complex books printed overseas with excellent results.

The books I design must meet high standards, but the most important standards are yours. I listen to what you need, ask appropriate questions, suggest lines of action and work with your desires and content to create a book that projects your intent. I enjoy personal interaction - the unique needs and challenges of each person and project. Respect, accountability, and responsibility are important to me. I bring these qualities to my clients.

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