Pre-Gravel Pit Press

In 1990-1991, I worked, as Research Assistant at Windhover Press, part of University of Iowa Center for the Book. I helped Publisher Kim Merker,  and his assistants Don Howell, and Rebecca Childers make handmade, letterpress books. I took the skills I learned from master printers, Kim and Don, to my ​my first professional publishing experience with Coffee House Press, in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  There I made handmade books in addition to  designing, illustrating, and managing production of Trade books.  While at Coffee House, I, along with Coffee House, made the transition from letterpress to digital publishing. 

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Pre-Gravel Pit Press books

Three Essays
Nature Conservancy
Nature Conservancy
Nature Conservancy
Nature conservancy
Capital, by Steve Levine
Capital, He Went Out
Capital, Park
Northern Fields
American Visa
The Book of Medicines
The Green Lake is Awake
The Shape of Wilderness
Legends from Camp
Moments Notice
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