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Geno and the Dans

Updated: Aug 15, 2019

July 24, 2019

I felt a weight slump against my side. There was little Geno, asleep in a position that would have given me an immediate neck spasm. He collapsed further onto me as I slid my arm around him and after a while, I slid him onto my lap. He never awoke. Both men I’d been sitting at the picnic table with leapt up and dabbed his mouth. He’d fallen asleep mid-brownie and it was running down his chin. They were worried about my white shirt. It was a privileged place to be sitting there holding this sleeping little boy. 

When asked about the highlight of the Communion and Liberation Family Vacation, I have to say this was it. It embodied the answer to so many longings in me – to be part of something that was much larger than me; to be vulnerable, to relax and talk to people on a deep level, about the things that really matter; to be trusted by a child.

EVERYone I spoke with over the course of four nights and days was available emotionally, without prying or trying to “help” and truly interested in what I had to say. I have never encountered so many strangers who did this. I felt free to be who I am, to be honest, vulnerable and joyful. As I left the campfire on Saturday night I was delighted to hear the chorus from Ghost Riders in the Sky ring out, a hundred strong, joyful voices. Yipee Yiaaaay, yipee yiyiiiii, . . . . 

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